Research Request Policy

The Fellowship Council supports the use of surveys for research purposes and does make an effort to screen each request for quality. The Fellowship Council acts as a conduit for these efforts and if there are questions about the content, please contact with your inquires and comments.

Application Process
Surveys to be sent out through The Fellowship Council must be submitted to the Chair of the Research Committee for evaluation. The survey application should be sent with a nonrefundable check for $100 fee for the application review. The submitted applications will be reviewed by the Chair of the committee plus two committee members and approval or denial should be rendered within ten (10) business days. After final approval and payment, the Fellowship Council will send out an e-mail notification to participating members of The Fellowship Council.

Process of Review
The Fellowship Council understands that well-developed survey researches can be important, but poorly designed surveys will not be well received. Thus, we want to ensure that questionnaire research will be well designed and meaningful to The Fellowship Council and its oversight as well as the subjects taking their time to respond to the questionnaire, and thus the importance for this review process.

Guidelines for Surveys
The hypothesis that your survey has been designed to test should be stated clearly and should be of importance to the field of surgery. If at all possible, questionnaires should be validated for the proposed research question prior to the survey being sent out. Please specify briefly the statistical support, rationale, methods, and sample size calculations and include a time estimate to complete the survey. A well-designed and well thought out survey will improve the impact, response rate, and completion rate. We would suggest strongly that you get advice from an experienced survey researcher before sending us the survey to be evaluated. The Principal Investigator of the survey needs to be aware of and comply with human subject research requirements of their institution. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval or a letter of exemption from the IRB must be included with this application form. Please note that our review does not substitute for or constitute the equivalent of IRB approval. Please be sure that when you send in the survey application that you have IRB approval from your institution in the survey application. If you don’t, it will be sent back.

Results of Survey
The Fellowship Council requests a written report of the survey results or the status of the study within 12 months of distribution of the survey.

The Fellowship Council is trying to maximize the impact of the surveys and minimize the time constraints placed on those people in The Fellowship Council who are taking the time to fill out your survey. We expect full compliance with our survey application process.

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