Application Fees Per Matching Process:

$250 for the first 20 fellowship programs
$100 per each additional 10 fellowship programs or fraction thereof

Payment Method

The Fellowship Council website uses a two-step process to select fellowship programs you wish to apply to. In the first step, you add the programs you are interested in to a personal list that is saved in our system. The second step requires you to confirm the programs you want your application to be submitted to. You will be invoiced only for the programs you select AND confirm. For example, you are allowed to select every available program for your personal list at no fee.

As soon as you CONFIRM a single program, that counts against your first 20 and you will be invoiced a minimum of $250. If you confirm your application to 34 programs, you will be invoiced $450 ($250 for the first 20, $100 for programs #21-30, $100 for programs #31-34).

When you create your fellowship application, you will be required to provide a credit card number.

All credit cards will be charged after the application deadline. Please make sure your card does not expire before the application deadline.

The fees listed above apply to each matching process. Therefore, if you plan to participate in both the matching process for surgical fellowships in Advanced Gastrointestinal (GI), Bariatric, Flexible Endoscopic, Hepato-Pancreato-Billary, and Advanced GI Minimally Invasive Surgery and the matching process for surgical fellowships in Non-ACGME Advanced Colorectal and Thoracic surgery, the minimum fees will be $250 for each matching process.

For payment inquiries, please contact the Fellowship Council office at 310.437.0555