International Medical Graduates

When applying to a Fellowship Council fellowship:

1. The first step is to begin an application (for the current application and matching process, see matching process dates) and complete the eligibility status section of the application. To find programs where you meet the eligibility requirements, go to the Directory Listing and on each program listing you will be able to access the Eligibility tab. Requirements vary between the US and Canada, from state to state in the United States, and between institutions within the same state. Be sure to check with programs you are interested in directly regarding their requirements for international medical graduates if you are unsure of the information. You must also inquire about the timeline for any requirement (for example, what date you would need to have a visa by).

2. When applicants confirm programs, warnings will appear if your eligibility section does not fulfill the program’s eligibility requirements. If you confirm a program where you do not fulfill the eligibility, you acknowledge that you are responsible for making sure that you will fulfill the state and institutional requirements to practice surgery as required by each program that you list on your final rank submission. You acknowledge that this is you responsibility and will fully comply with these criteria.

Additional information:
For information on state licensure visit Medical Licensure (AMA) or the Federation of State Medical Boards of the U.S., Inc. (FSMB) at Suggested reading: Geoffrey Kohn, MBBS was a Fellowship Council Fellow who authored the following article in 2008 which you may find helpful, article begins on Page 2: International Medical Graduates and the Fellowship Council


For information about the ECFMG and US-MLE rules and regulations, visit the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates website at

To learn how you can sign up for the US-MLE exam, contact the National Board of Medical Examiners at


This is the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination which is offered annually to general surgery residency programs and is designed to measure the progress by residents in the areas of basic science and the management of clinical problems related to general surgery. For additional information on credit for Foreign Graduate Medical Education visit: