Program Accreditation Status

The accreditation status is listed for all Fellowship Council member programs below. Please note that due to reaccreditation reviews or changes to the program, the accreditation designation and/or length of accreditation may change. Be sure to inquire during the interview process about the program’s most up-to-date status.

InstitutionProgram Director and
Co-Program Director
Accreditation StatusLength of AccreditationType of Fellowship
Abington Memorial HospitalGintas Antanavicius (PD)Accredited2016-2019Bariatric
Advocate Lutheran General HospitalJohn Park (Co-PD)
Slawomir Marecik (PD)
Albany Medical CenterT. Paul Singh (PD)
Brian Binetti (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (Oakland & Berkeley)Ajay Upadhyay (PD)
Gregory Broderick-villa (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Anne Arundel Health SystemAdrian Park (PD)
Igor Belyansky (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2018Adv GI MIS
Anne Arundel Health SystemAlejandro (Alex) Gandsas (PD)
Courtney Doyle (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2018Adv GI MIS
Banner - University Medical Center TucsonCarlos A Galvani (PD)
Iman Ghaderi (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Banner Gateway Medical CenterDavid Podkameni (PD)Accredited2015-2018Bariatric
Barnes-Jewish HospitalL. Michael Brunt (PD)
J. Chris Eagon (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Barnes-Jewish HospitalWilliam G. Hawkins (PD)
Ryan C. Fields (Co-PD)
Baystate Medical Center, Springfield MAJohn R Romanelli (PD)Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterDaniel B. Jones (Co-PD)
Benjamin E. Schneider (PD)
Accredited2015-2017Adv GI MIS
Brigham & Women's HospitalDavid Brooks (Co-PD)
Ali Tavakkoli (PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Brigham and Women's HospitalRaphael Bueno (Co-PD)
Jon Wee (PD)
Carolinas Medical CenterB. Todd Heniford (PD)
Kent W. Kercher (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2017Advanced GI
Carolinas Medical CenterTimothy S Kuwada (PD)
Keith Gersin (Co-PD)
Carolinas Medical CenterDavid A. Iannitti (PD)
Erin Baker (Co-PD)
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 8700 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048Miguel A Burch (PD)Accredited2015-2017Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Cleveland ClinicStacy Brethauer (PD)Accredited2015-2018Bariatric
Cleveland ClinicMatthew Walsh (PD)
Sricharan Chalikonda (Co-PD)
Cleveland Clinic Florida HospitalSteven D Wexner (PD)
David Maron (Co-PD)
Cleveland Clinic Hospital, WestonSamuel Szomstein (PD)
Raul Rosenthal (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Cleveland Clinic Main CampusMatthew Kroh (Co-PD)
John Rodriguez (PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Dalhousie UniversityJames Ellsmere (PD)
Dennis Klassen (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical CenterThadeus Trus (PD)
William Laycock (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2018Adv GI MIS
Duke University HospitalMatthew Hartwig (PD)
Betty Tong (Co-PD)
Duke University Medical CenterDan G Blazer (PD)
Sabino Zani (Co-PD)
Duke University Medical Center; Duke University Health System including Duke Regional Hospital, Duke Health Raleigh HospitalDana D. Portenier (PD)
Chan Park (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
East Carolina University, Brody School of MedicineMark L. Manwaring (PD)Provisional2016-2017Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Emory University HospitalS. Scott Davis (PD)
Edward Lin (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Florida Hospital TampaSharona B Ross (PD)
Alexander S. Rosemurgy (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Advanced GI
Fox Chase Cancer CenterStacey Su (PD)Accredited2015-2018Thoracic
Geisinger Medical CenterAnthony T. Petrick (PD)
Jon D. Gabrielsen (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Greenville Memorial HospitalAlfredo Carbonell (PD)
John David Scott (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Gundersen Lutheran Medical CenterShanu N. Kothari (PD)
Brandon T. Grover (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Hackensack University Medical CenterDouglas R. Ewing (PD)
Sebastian Eid (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Hackensack University Medical CenterStephen G Pereira (PD)
Adam S Rosenstock (Co-PD)
Pending-Adv GI MIS
Highland Hospital Strong MemorialWilliam E. O'Malley (PD)Accredited2016-2019Bariatric
Houston Methodist HospitalPatrick R. Reardon (PD)
Brian Dunkin (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2018Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Houston Northwest Medical CenterPhilip L. Leggett (PD)Accredited2015-2017Adv GI MIS
Indiana University Health - University HospitalEugene P Ceppa (Co-PD)
Nicholas J Zyromski (PD)
Indiana University Health North HospitalDon Selzer (PD)
Ambar Banerjee (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Inova Fair Oaks HospitalAmir H Moazzez (PD)
Rajev I Nain (Co-PD)
Jackson Memorial HospitalJose M Martinez (PD)
Robert Bowles (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Flexible Endoscopy
Jackson South Community HospitalHenry J Lujan (PD)
Moises Jacobs (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center (JHBMC)Michael Schweitzer (PD)
Gina Adrales (Co-PD)
Keck Medical Center of USCNamir Katkhouda (PD)
Nikolai A. Bildzukewicz (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Lahey Hospital and Medical CenterDmitry Nepomnayshy (PD)
David Brams (Co-PD)
Lankenau Medical CenterJohn Marks (PD)Accredited2015-2018Colorectal/MIS
Legacy Good Samaritan HospitalValerie J. Halpin (PD)
Kevin Reavis (Co-PD)
Lenox Hill HospitalJulio A. Teixiera (PD)
Rebecca Kowalski (Co-PD)
Pending-Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Loma Linda University HealthKeith Scharf (PD)
Marcos Michelotti (Co-PD)
Pending-Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Magee Womens Hospital of UPMCAnita P. Courcoulas (PD)
Bestoun Ahmed (Co-PD)
Maimonides Medical CenterDanny A Sherwinter (PD)
Sergey Terushkin (Co-PD)
Pending-Adv GI MIS
Massachusetts General HospitalDavid Rattner (PD)
Matthew Hutter (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Mayo Clinic ArizonaTonia M Young-Fadok (PD)
David A Etzioni (Co-PD)
Mayo Clinic HospitalSteven P Bowers (PD)
Enrique Elli (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS
Mayo Clinic RochesterDavid Nagorney (PD)
Rory Smoot (Co-PD)
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MinnesotaMichael L. Kendrick (PD)
Todd Kellogg (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
McGill University Health CenterPeter Metrakos (PD)
Prosanto Chaudhury (Co-PD)
McGill University Health Center - Montreal General HospitalOlivier Court (PD)Accredited2015-2017Bariatric
McGill University Health Centre HospitalsLiane S Feldman (PD)
Melina Vassiliou (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
MD Anderson Cancer CenterJean-Nicolas Vauthey (Co-PD)
Thomas A. Aloia (PD)
Medical College of WisconsinJon C Gould (Co-PD)
Andrew Kastenmeier (PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Medical College of WisconsinT. Clark Gamblin (Co-PD)
Kathleen K. Christians (PD)
Methodist Dallas Medical CenterD. Rohan Jeyarajah (PD)
Houssam Osman (Co-PD)
Methodist, Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, Foundation Bariatric Hospital, Hermann Hospital HoustonFrank d Duperier (PD)
Richard Englehardt (Co-PD)
Minnesota Institute for Minimally Invasive SurgeryPaul A. Severson (PD)
Howard M McCollister (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS/Bariatric/Flexible Endoscopy
Montefiore Medical Center and Jack D. Weiler HospitalDiego Camacho (PD)
Scott Melvin (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Mount Sinai - St. Luke'sJames J. McGinty (PD)
John Harvey (Co-PD)
Mount Sinai Medical CenterDaniel M Herron (PD)
Gustavo G. Fernandez-Ranvier (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
New York-Presbyterian HospitalFabrizio Michelassi (PD)
Cheguevara Afaneh (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
North Carolina Baptist HospitalsCarl J. Westcott (PD)
Adolfo Fernandez (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset New YorkDominick Gadaleta (PD)
Larry Gellman (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Northwest Hospital Center,W. Peter Geis (PD)
Celine Richardson (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2017Adv GI MIS
NYU Brooklyn Campus (Lutheran)George Ferzli (PD)
Corneliu Vulpe (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Oregon Health & Science UniversityBrett C. Sheppard (PD)
James Dolan (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Oregon Health & Science UniversitySusan L Orloff (PD)
Kristian Enestvedt (Co-PD)
Orlando HealthJoseph T. Gallagher (PD)
Renee J. Mueller (Co-PD)
Orlando HealthMuhammad Jawad (PD)
Andre Teixeira (Co-PD)
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical CenterKarl Andrew LeBlanc (PD)Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Palo Alto VA HospitalDan Eisenberg (PD)
Sherry Wren (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Preston Memorial HospitalEhab Akkary (PD)
Theresa Rutledge (Co-PD)
Pending-Adv GI MIS
Providence Portland Medical CenterLee L Swanstrom (PD)
Christy M Dunst (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Providence Portland Medical CenterLee L Swanstrom (PD)
Christy Dunst (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS/Foregut
Providence Portland Medical CenterPaul D Hansen (PD)
Christy Dunst (Co-PD)
Quebec Heart and Lung InstituteLaurent Biertho (PD)
François Julien (Co-PD)
Reading HospitalStephan R. Myers (PD)Pending-Bariatric
Rhode Island Hospital and The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown UniversityStephen J Migliori (PD)
G. Dean Roye (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Richmond University Medical CenterFrederick Sabido, (PD)Accredited2016-2018Adv GI MIS
Royal Alexandra HospitalDaniel W. Birch (PD)
Shahzeer Karmali (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas CityB. Todd Moore (PD)
Michael Arroyo (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Scripps Green HospitalWilliam D Fuller (PD)Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
South Miami HospitalAnthony M Gonzalez (PD)
Jorge R Rabaza (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
St Agnes HospitalKuldeep Singh (PD)Accredited2016-2019Bariatric
St Joseph's Healthcare HamiltonMehran Anvari (PD)
Margherita Cadeddu (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
St Luke's University Hospital and Health NetworkMaher El Chaar (PD)Pending-Bariatric
St. Alexius HospitalNorbert Richardson (PD)Pending-Bariatric
St. John Hospital & Medical CenterA. Hawasli (PD)Accredited2016-2018Adv GI MIS
St. Joseph Medical Center (335 beds)Eugene Cho (PD)
James Rifenbery (Co-PD)
Accredited2017-2019Advanced GI
St. Vincent Hospital, IndianapolisKirpal Singh (PD)Accredited2014-2017Advanced GI
Stanford University Hospital and ClinicsJohn Morton (PD)
Homero Rivas (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Stanford University Medical CenterBrendan Christopher Visser (PD)
Monica Dua (Co-PD)
Staten Island University HospitalKaren E. Gibbs (PD)
John N Afthinos (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Stony Brook UniversityAurora Dawn Pryor (PD)
Konstantinos Spaniolas (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Summa Health System - Akron City HospitalJohn G. Zografakis (PD)
Adrian G. Dan (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Swedish Medical CenterAmir Loucas Bastawrous (PD)Accredited2015-2018Colorectal/MIS
Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WashingtonRalph W. Aye (PD)Accredited2014-2017Advanced GI
Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WashingtonRalph W Aye (PD)Accredited2014-2017Thoracic
The George Washington University Medical CenterFred Brody (PD)
Vincent Obias (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, University Hospital East, Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research InstituteBradley J. Needleman (PD)
Kyle A. Perry (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, University Hospital East, Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research InstituteJeffrey W. Hazey (PD)
Vimal K. Narula (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Flexible Endoscopy
The Ottawa HospitalJoseph Mamazza (PD)
Nicole Kolozsvari (Co-PD)
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, McGovern Medical SchoolErik B. Wilson (PD)
Peter A. Walker (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at DallasDaniel J. Scott (PD)
Sara A. Hennessy (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Thomas Jefferson University HospitalErnest Rosato (PD)
Michael Pucci (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2018Advanced GI
Thomas Jefferson University HospitalDavid Tichansky (PD)
Michael Kammerer (Co-PD)
Toronto General HospitalPaul D. Greig (PD)Accredited2015-2018HPB
UCSF Fresno/ALSA- Fresno Heart and Surgical HospitalKelvin D. Higa (Co-PD)
Keith B. Boone (PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
UF Health JacksonvilleMichael S. Nussbaum (PD)
Ziad Awad (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS
UMass Memorial Medical Center's University and Memorial CampusesJohn J Kelly (PD)Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
Univeristy of California San Diego Medical CenterSantiago Horgan (PD)
Bryan J. Sandler (Co-PD)
Probation2016-2017Adv GI MIS
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical CenterJeffrey Marks (Co-PD)
Yuri Novitsky (PD)
Accredited2016-2018Adv GI MIS/Flexible Endoscopy
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and University Hospitals Geauga Medical CenterLeena Khaitan (PD)
Mujjahid Abbas (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, Plainsboro, N.J.Wai Yip Chau (PD)
Lisa Dobruskin (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2018Adv GI MIS
University of Alabama at BirminghamRichard Stahl (PD)
Jayleen Grams (Co-PD)
Accredited2017-2020Adv GI MIS
University of Calgary - Foothills Medical CenterChad G. Ball (PD)
Elijah Dixon (Co-PD)
University of California - San FranciscoJonathan T. Carter (PD)Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
University of California, Davis Medical CenterMohamed Ali (PD)
Tamas Vidovszky (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
University of California, Irvine Medical CenterNinh T. Nguyen (PD)
Brian R Smith (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
University of Iowa Hospitals and ClinicsPeter Nau (PD)
Jessica K Smith (Co-PD)
University of ManitobaAshley Vergis (PD)Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
University of Maryland (Baltimore)Stephen Kavic (Co-PD)
Mark Kligman (PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
University of MinnesotaDaniel B. Leslie (PD)
Stuart Amateau (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2018Adv GI MIS
University of Missouri Health CareRoger A. de la Torre (PD)Accredited2014-2017Bariatric
University of Nebraska Medical CenterDmitry Oleynikov (PD)
Corrigan McBride (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
University of North CarolinaTimothy M. Farrell (PD)
Meredith C. Duke (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
University of South Florida-Tampa General HospitalMichel M Murr (PD)
John Paul Gonzalvo (Co-PD)
University of Tennessee Medical CenterGregory J Mancini (PD)Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
University of Texas Medical School at HoustonEric M. Haas (PD)
Joshua Coursey (Co-PD)
University of TorontoTimothy Jackson (PD)
Steve Maclellan (Co-PD)
Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS
University of Virginia Health System/Charlottesville, VABruce Schirmer (PD)
Peter Hallowell (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
University of Washington Medical Center, SeattleAndrew Stone Wright (PD)
Saurabh Khandelwal (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public HealthJacob A Greenberg (PD)
Anne Lidor (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
UPMC Presbyterian, UPMC Shadyside, UPMC Passavant, UPMC Mercy, UPMC St. Margaret, UPMC Northwest, UPMC Horizon, UPMC McKeesport, , Magee Womens’ Hospital of UPMCJames D Luketich (PD)
Jonathan D'cunha (Co-PD)
Valley Health System/The Valley HospitalMelissa Bagloo (PD)Accredited2016-2019Advanced GI
Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital, Ambulatory Surgical CenterAdam T. Meneghetti (PD)
Ormond (neely) Panton (Co-PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterMichael Holzman (Co-PD)
Brandon Williams (PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric
VCU Medical CenterGuilherme M Campos (PD)
Jennifer Salluzzo (Co-PD)
Accredited2015-2018Adv GI MIS
Virginia Mason Medical CenterScott Helton (Co-PD)
Adnan Alseidi (PD)
WellStar Atlanta Medical CenterTitus D. Duncan (PD)
Karleena Tuggle (Co-PD)
Westchester Medical CenterAshutosh Kaul (PD)Accredited2014-2017Adv GI MIS
Winthrop University HospitalAlexander Barkan (Co-PD)
Collin E.M. Brathwaite (PD)
Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS
Yale New Haven HospitalKurt E. Roberts (PD)Accredited2016-2019Adv GI MIS/Bariatric

3 Years – no major citations

2 Years – minor citations*

1 Year-Probation – major citations*

Not Accredited/Suspended: Program has been site visited and no accreditation given

Pending: New program not yet site visited

Provisional-Under review: Status is not yet final, currently being reviewed

*Citations may include the examples below:

  • Case number deficiency
  • Conflict with existing residency program
  • Lack of curriculum, supervision, etc.

For accreditation guidelines and definitions, click here.